Tambo Machay

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Tambo Machay
Aguas, Peru

Located 1 kilometer from the Puca Pucara site (9 kilometers from Cusco), this site has three platform levels built with beautifully finished stone. This site is known by tradition as the Baņos de la Ņusta (the baths of the princess). The main feature of this monument is the existence of two crystalline water springs that flow through a sluice of carved stones all year round. About 500 meters away from the springs above one of the levels we find a grotto which is where the name Tambo Machay came from. It is probable that this site was a temple dedicated to the worship of water. From this ravine starts a network of waterways used for irrigation of the peasant's terraces even today as we find that in August of every year, the inhabitants of the area continue to make offerings to the water springs. It should be emphasized that its architecture is finely worked especially in the vaulted niches of limestone the size of a human being.

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